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 About this Website

Mel O'Joe is a band from Dadeville, Alabama, on Lake Martin, While Melvin Knoblett is the only current member of this band, several other local musicians have been members of this band in the past.  You can see some pictures from the past in "Photos".

 Former Band Members:

   Judy Hughes - Violin/Vocals (pictured)

   Kim Walls - Acoustic Bass/Vocals

   Jimmy Glenn - Bass Guitar/Vocals

   Joe Hudson - Acoustic Guitar/Vocals

   Carl Friend - Bass Guitar/Vocals.


This website was created to allow Mel O'Joe band members to share song lyrics and chords and practice along with backup music.


Since this website was initally developed, Melvin has played in several other bands, so this website were expanded to include lyrics and chords for the other bands also.  Currently, he is playing in two other groups:


Cowboy Church of Waverly, Alabama  


The music team at the Cowboy Church of Lee County in Waverly, Alabama provide music for the weekly Sunday Services. 



For Heaven's Sake Band

A Gospel band from the Lake Martin area near Dadeville, Alabama.  They perform in local churches and other community events in the area.

Band Members:

   Don Waldrep - Acoustic Guitar/Vocals

   Ray Yakley - Bass Guitar

   Melvin Knoblett - Acoustic Guitar/Vocals

   Jim Thompson - Mandolin/Vocals

   Debra Thompson - 12 String Acoustic/Vocals

   Mike Freeman - Dolbro/Vocals

   Becky Taylor - Vocals


A rock band with the "Vintage Advantage"!

 Members are:

David White - Lead Singer

Jack Hall, Jr. - Bassist

Melvin Knoblett - Rhythm Guitar and Vocals

Ronnie Bonner - Drummer


Steve Spates - Lead Guitar and Vocals

This is the group playing at a private party in Lafayette, Al.






More information is available from the EPK.

For more information or bookings, contact Diane White at 706-773-1420